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Caetano Mendes Dias

We have been graced with five senses, but if we do not cultivate them, we might lose them one day. With the digital space, we have been disconnecting more and more from our physical reality. Obliviating the senses of smell and taste, the only senses that have a direct physical link to our brain. They are as relevant or even more relevant than our other senses, for we need them to have the full image of what we call reality.

These senses evoke strong emotions in us, they were and are our initial self-defence mechanisms, the building blocks for our decisions. Today, there is a need to contemplate things - a need for lingering thoughts, critical thinking and imagination! For, many times, problems arise from hasty decisions that should have been thought out. We need to slow down, take a
deep breath and smell! Especially when actions are about to happen.

As an interdisciplinary designer, I use different media to reflect upon our current social challenges. I believe that multisensory experiences can awaken strong emotions in us, creating
empathy and leading to moments of reflection. I have been exploring the sense of smell as a source of knowledge and a catalyst for change, to achieve a society that is more aware of their senses and interconnected with others, humans or non-humans.


Caetano Mendes Dias_edited.jpg

2024 - DIGITAL FOCUS, (Collective), Witte Dame, Eindhoven.

2023 - THE SYMBIOCENE FOREST, (Collective), Bio Art Laboratories & DDW, Eindhoven.

2023 - ODOURS OF THE CLIFF. (Permanent) Centro de Interpretação da Reserva Mundial de Surf, Ericeira.

2023 - PORTUGUESE SURF FILM FESTIVAL. (Collective) Galeria Orlando Morais, Ericeira.

2023 - 2.ª BIENAL DE JOVENS CRIADORES DE MAFRA. (Collective) Galeria Orlando Morais, Ericeira.

2023 - JAPANESE KNOTWEED FESTIVAL, (Collective), Mediamatic, Amsterdam.

2023 - SILVA SYSTEM PRESENTS 01. (Collective) De Fabriek, Eindhoven.

2021 - AWESOME, THANKS! (Collective) Design studio, Eindhoven.

2020 - CONFINED.WORK. (Collective) Online.

2020 - FONTE DO CABO. Fonte do cabo, Ericeira.

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