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Deep breath scent

Dive into the boiling deep dark sea.


Deep Breath is an aquatic fragrance with a flitting sulfuric note from the bottom of the ocean, immersed in a marine ozone heart that lingers a pacific and soothing fresh sea at the base.

​​​​​The main ingredient of the Deep Breath is the most abundant molecule in the sea, emitted into the air by aquatic life, Dimethyl sulfide, or DMS. Dimethyl sulfide is at the heart of the sea’s smell. And it’s there as a byproduct of the mechanism that algae evolved to deal with the saltiness of seawater.


DMS resembles another sulfuric molecule, a simpler molecule called hydrogen sulfide, which is the key ingredient that sustains life under the sea in the hydrothermal vents, where life might have started. Sulfuric molecules might even be just a few of several elements that played an important role in life’s boiling beginnings, but they were prominent enough to mark some of the oldest rocks thought to carry traces of biological metabolism.

Deep Breath is a journey through the evolution of life and it shows how what might be toxic for us now was once central to our lives. It goes from the depths of the ancient sea, where rocks came to life to the surface of the water of our present days.

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