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Scented Life


This project explores the relevance of scents to human life and the nuances of olfactory perception. Scents hold the essence of things and convey crucial information to humans. However, our contemporary world has overlooked the sense of smell due to its emotional and intimate nature.

Scented Life is a book and an installation that fills the space with four fragrances representing important olfactory moments from our past, each holding profound significance for our vital state as a means to celebrate our body odours. The project transcends the traditional boundaries of language by translating these fragrances into a captivating sound composition, which results from converting the molecular vibrations within the raw materials used in the fragrances and from a collaborative work, between Caetano and the talented musician Margardia Alves Gato, who translated their subjective and unique impressions of the fragrances into sound. Scented Life breathes life into the subjective and unique impressions of the fragrances, creating a harmonious blend of scent and sound.

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