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Would it be interesting to ask what is the impact of TikTok on humanity? TikTok was designed to promote disinformation, the content runs so fast that the absorption of any kind of knowledge becomes impossible, and reflection stops existing, we swipe in modus operandi, but the memories never get out of the smartphone.

From the spring of the river, generalized ideas of complex problems are born, and as the river flows, systematically, the dramatization increases, and the ideas get simpler and simpler until they flow into a sea of ​​silly, massified, and distorted ideas.

TikTok is an incubator for Narcissus and just like Narcissus, in the lake, we will drown in our reflection, the only difference is that Narcissus was a subject and not something banal and objectifiable. I'm not saying that the sense of community was lost among the swipes, I would even say that we never had lived in such a collectivist world dictated by the trends of social networks, but what we can't deny is that we live in the hegemony of collective narcissism and an individualistic culture addicted to quick and easy hedonism.

We, who show off what we have and what we don't have, create a toxic world, but brighter and more beautiful, we care more about our image than about ourselves, but we forget that images are just images. And thus, a discrepant chasm is created between reality and the virtual world, almost oniric space, where, those who go there always return disappointed and sad.

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