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The Empty Story
This performance and manifesto questions the constant need to create more and tell more.

I should ask myself why am I writing this?
Is this just one more story to fill in the agenda?
Why do we need more?
More stories?
Embrace the law of noncontradiction
I contradict my ideas to tell you more about them
There are to many stores being told at the same time all the time
And so many empty hearts waiting to be filled with hope
I hope there is still meaning behind image
I wonder it is there a real story lo De colar
Why do we immediately try to kill?
- Fling freely in our" houses.
Why don't we allow ourselves to be bitten by them?
We are afraid of them
We don't understand them
We don't see them
We don't have empathy for them.
We were so afraid of dying that we killed all the rest
And our desire to achieve eternity lidded us to a "broken" (Eco)system.
But isn't dying giving space to new life possibilities?
Whenever something dies another born
What is death for someone is life for others.
I want to show the invisible world
Allow new stories to be told
Give more space to the others
To our family
To us
We embrace the moth in "our" houses
The carpet beetle larvae
The silverfish
The woodlice
Give space to the insects
To the larvae
I give a woolen web where they can tell their story
A non-human story
The power of not doing
Not saying
Not telling
Not moving
Not breathing
Not living.

"Speech is silver, silence is golden"

Why do we need more? More stories? Why? I would rather don’t tell the stories about why I don’t want more stories but that’s another story.

We live in a reality, or shall I say hipper reality, where there are so many stories being told at the same time all the time that our minds become torpid and empty by them. The information runs like a waterfall, and we are passively sitting by the river looking at the overwhelming waterfall.

There is no real story, only some futile images to fill the empty space. The system is messed up, the content doesn’t really matter, the dynamics behind the cultural institutions will keep the same no matters what we are trying to tell because the public only wants to see some nice images and have fun, our stories will not change the way things work but will just be another project amount the others to filling in the agenda.

Furthermore, our impact in the world had become so big that we are even moving to a new geological epoch because of that. We were so afraid of died or suffering because of it, that we “kill” all the other species instead. Our will to live longer, the need to be healthier and the desire to achieve eternity lidded us to a “broken” (eco)system.

When we see a mosquito fling freely in “our” houses, we immediately try to kill them, we don’t want to be bitten by them, we are afraid of them, we don’t understand them, we don’t see them, we don’t have empathy for them. Why don’t we allow ourselves to be bitten by mosquitos? Even if is painful or even, in some cases, we would die, what would be the problem? Shouldn’t we die at some point anyway? If you want, we could say whenever someone dies another born, this means when we die, we give space to new life possibilities. The power of not doing, not saying, not telling, not moving, not breathing, not living.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT) born in the second half of the 20th century believes that by extinguish our specie (suicide) we could fight clime change (give space to new species/things). It can seem a joke or unsettling but is very beautiful, death is as beautiful as life because what is death for someone is life for others.

To conclude my story, I “won’t” tell stories in order to allow new stories to be told, non- human stories, stories about fungi eating our bodies and transforming us back into soil.

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