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Stupid Memories


A small dark box containing a collection of macro-photos revolving around the subject of stupidity as a mechanism of change and free thinking.

In the beginning, there was a forest inside the mercurial ocean. The sun, spirit of knowledge, always kept an eye on their creation so that nothing would escape them. In stupidity, however, the wise are always the ones who feel shame and hope, because space is round, and time is clean.

The whole was to the bigger part as the bigger part was to the smallest part and simultaneously, everything that was fast was slow as slowness has always gone hand in hand with haste.

There were great fruits inside of our body, and all of them sang in harmony. All the grand fruits, they whirled and whirled. To please the sun, in circles, they whirled. But alas, when the deep golden sleep arrived, the knowledge of the sun was bloodshed by the fruits and therefore, the pieces of fruit started to wane.

In their wane, they whirled so fast that the soul of their body was flung away. The light left and so was born the darkest places of our body. But before evil kneaded into the space, the body was already running in the absence of time and knowledge has not stopped growing since.

As above, is below.

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